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Bring energy and style to your video... by completely destroying it! Perhaps you're looking to realistically mimic a low-quality webcam? A damaged DVD? A corrupt TV signal? With this After Effects template, it's as easy as dropping in your footage. Best of all, everything is customizable, giving editors complete control over the look and behavior of their glitches.
Intentional glitches are a fast-growing trend, so watch the demo and see what After Effects can do!

Learn More about Creation Glitch Effects Download for $69
  Over 200 effects, including video glitch effects, audio glitch effects, transitions, stock footage clips, and a "digital static" generator. Combine effects to build your own unique glitch-look, or, just drop in your footage and immediately export any of the 19 finished, glitch-look presets.  
  Learn more about the Creation Glitch Effects template for After Effects  
  This template has what you need to make stunning, high-quality, 3d space animations. The earth, moon, sun, planets... even a galaxy, are all at your control. You'll be surprised at what After Effects can do without a single plug-in!  
  Learn more about the Space Effects Collection template for After Effects  
  A huge collection of customizable old-film effects and film-look presets which can be applied to your digital footage. With 300 customizable effects that are either crafted from or inspired from real footage, the authenticity is unmatched.  
  Learn more about Creation Film Effects for After Effects  
  Destroy that beautiful footage of yours with the look of a damaged VHS tape - straight from the 80's! Customize various video glitches, apply transition effects, add TV static, mess up your audio, and more.  
  Learn more about the Creation VHS Effects template for After Effects  
  A powerful tool for creating realistic lens flares and light effects for your motion graphics or footage. Includes 50 pre-designed, customizable lens flares. With advanced features and a ton of customization options, you can design complex lens flares with total control and flexibility.  
  Learn more about Creation Lens Flares for After Effects  
  Customize your own realistic typewriter animation. Choose your typewriter, paper texture, font, sound effects, type speed, and zoom level.    
  Learn more about the Typewriter Effect template for After Effects  
  The 80's are totally in right now! This template has three 80s-style video intros for displaying your titles, logo, or text. Includes some very 80s-sounding music and damaged VHS tape effects.  
  Learn more about the 80s Intros template for After Effects  
  Give energy to your videos with stylized textures, made from the included texture photo library. Use one of the 50 included pre-made textures, or create your own. The look and behavior of all textures are totally customizable. Click "Learn More" to see some textures in action!  
  Learn more about the Texture Generator template for After Effects  
  Grunge-up your footage with realistic, customizable light leak effects. Also includes 100 seconds of bonus light leak stock footage.  
  Learn more about the Light Leak Generator for After Effects  

"Love love love the [Creation Glitch Effects] template!! It gives you all the control over your glitch art.
Infinite possibilities, great quality and well explained. I will use it often. "

- Eva Productions.

"I purchased your "Typewriter Effect" template. I thought it was really well put together. You saved me a good 40 hours of work. Keep an eye out for your typewriter in a music video from Weird Al's next album."

- Jarret H.

"I'm an aspiring filmmaker now working on my second film. I planned on buying a few of your effects packages today and I just want to encourage you by saying, you're doing a fantastic job! These effects are very impressive!"

- Hezekiah C. in Kentucky

"I want to give a shout out and say thanks for the space effects collection. Before I discovered your product I put so many hours into a zoom out earth effect. CG visual effects are definitely not my area of expertise. Of course, as an independent Chicago filmmaker and with this being a short low budget film, I prefer to avoid the cost of a third party taking care of it. What I will have now are striking visuals to accompany a grand score cue at the closing of the film. I will be sure to credit: Creation A wonderful product!"

- Nick C.

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