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Flying Bats Effect for After Effects

Animate flying bats in 3D and composite them onto your shots - part of the "Flocks" template for Adobe After Effects.

These bats are pre-programmed with automatic wing flapping and flight behavior that imitates the quick, erratic movements of a bat. All the user needs to do is add two or more keyframes to the "Leader" bat to tell it where to go, and the other "Follower" bats will follow. You can add hundreds, even thousands of bats to your colony. Nothing is pre-rendered, so everything can be customized in After Effects, such as the physical appearance of the bat, the flapping of the wings, the body angle and rotation, and most importantly - the flocking behavior. Easy controls allow you to adjust the spread of a colony, their level of synchronization, and the amount of random behavior.

The 3D bat models are created from 2D images, and look very convincing when moving quickly or seen from a distance. This effect is ideal for adding cartoonish flying bats to your halloween background animations, or for simulating realistic bat colonies that can be composited onto your footage.

This bats effect is part of the popular "Flocks" template, from Creation Effects. This affordable template includes bats and a variety of species of birds that you can realistically animate and add to your videos.

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