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Drunk Effect for After Effects

Give your footage the look of being drunk, high, or dizzy in After Effects.

These trippy effects can be easily applied to your footage in After Effects to create the look of being intoxicated, high on drugs, or dizzy. You can customize the effects with easy controls to get the right look for your footage. To imitate the look of being drunk, several effects are applied, including a spinning room effect, shaky double vision, random warping, rotation, and blurring. You can use any combination of these to create your drunk look, and customize their intensity, timing, etc.

To imitate the look of being high, a huge variety of creative effects are included in the package - all of them designed to be disorienting or psychedelic in theme. These "high on drugs" looks for your footage, and the "Drunk Effect" are all part of the Creation Trippy Effects package.

Creation Trippy Effects is a huge After Effects template, packed with with mesmerizing animations and trippy looks for your footage. Watch the trippy demo video to learn more.

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