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Bird Murmuration Effect for After Effects

Animate custom starling murmurations in After Effects

The Murmuration Effect allows anyone to create mesmerizing starling murmurations in Adobe After Effects. These synchronized dances of thousands of starlings can then be composited onto footage or motion designs.

How It Works: The murmuration uses many copies of a low-res, prerendered clip of an individual flying starling. You can render new, custom clips of a variety of bird species (included). The birds randomly swirl and swoop in harmony, or if you prefer, they will follow the 3D motion path that you create, using realistic flocking behavior.

The Murmuration Effect is part of the Flocks template for After Effects. Flocks allows you to create realistic animations of starlings, eagles, parrots, geese, seagulls, pelicans, and other flying bird species. Flocks allows total control over the flocking behavior, making it ideal for small flocks as well as murmurations with thousands of birds.

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