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Ocean allows you to create custom, 3D bodies of water in Adobe After Effects. Choose from over 60 video water textures (or use your own), and convert them into oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, and pools. Insert your titles, logo, or other 3D elements into your scene, and customize the water with convenient controls.

You can enhance your water scene with the included splashes, atmospheric haze, and reflection effects. Bring life to your scene by animating a simple camera movement. The flexibility of Ocean provides endless, beautiful looks for a variety of applications - for both realistic or surreal water.

    • Compatible with Adobe After Effects CS6 and all newer versions. Works on both Mac or PC. No plugins required. Last update: 01/29/2021.
    • This template includes comps in both HD (1920x1080) and 4K (4096x2160). The included 69 water textures are looping mp4 clips of water (48 in HD, and 21 in 4K). You can use an HD water texture to create both HD or 4K animations. Likewise, you can use a 4K water texture to create HD or 4K animations. These clips are heavily compressed, and compression artifacts can sometimes be seen in the texture. It is not normally noticeable in the final effect. For a higher quality render, you can use your own water footage instead of one of the included water textures. Instructions and comps (that are not seen in the tutorial) have been added to the template to help you turn your footage into a looping water texture.
    • The included water textures were edited from stock footage obtained from and are released under the Creative Commons license, which allows for both non-commercial and commercial use, no attribution required. Refer to the Pixabay website to learn more.
    • You can animate your camera to do flyovers and basic tracks, pans, and tilts, but your range of view is limited to about 150°. You can not have a 360° view of the water without seeing the separation of water layers.
    • This template has been "universalized", meaning it will work in After Effects running in other languages.
    • All water textures seen in the demo video are included. Music, background images/footage, and other scene elements (boat, fish, whale, and whale splashes) are not included.
    • The file size is quite large (1.22GB), because of the included water footage. Please allow plenty of time when downloading.


    The Ocean template is not a plugin. It's an Adobe After Effects project file, commonly known as a "template" because the work is already done and the user needs only to insert their footage and make their own adjustments. This template is compatible with version CS6 as well as all later versions of After Effects.

    Because the Ocean template contains copyrighted intellectual property, the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

    Positive and/or negative feedback is appreciated. Use the contact page to send me a message.

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