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Animate custom flocks of birds in After Effects with "Flocks"

Flocks lets users easily create realistic, 3D flocks of birds in Adobe After Effects. Animate birds individually, or combine them in unlimited numbers to form a 3D flock that automatically moves with realistic flocking behavior - you just tell them where to fly!

Choose from 12 species with pre-set flight behavior. The flight behavior and appearance of the flock is completely customizable using convenient controls. Whether your footage needs a single vulture in the background, or a murmuration with thousands of starlings - Flocks is the tool to get it done. Even After Effects novices can create high-quality, 3D bird animations for their videos!

Choose from 12 bird species with pre-programmed flight and flocking behavior.


  • 12 Species - Includes 12 high-resolution 3D models: A bat, crow, bald eagle, canada goose, owl, macaw, pelican, pigeon, seagull, sparrow, starling, and vulture.

  • Pre-set Flight Behavior - Each species has pre-programmed flight behavior to mimic that particular species. Simply tell them where to fly!

  • Controlled Flight Path - Control where the flock flies in three dimensions simply by adding two or more position keyframes. Their custom random behavior adds realistic variation to their flight path.

  • Completely Customizable - Using convenient controls, you can customize the birds’ physical appearance, the wing flapping, and the flock’s flight behavior. Adjust how “synchronized” the flock is, and the amount of random behavior in individual birds.

  • Flocks Of Any Size - Animate a single bird, or add hundreds more, simply by duplicating birds.

  • Starling Murmurations - Create mesmerizing murmurations with tens of thousands of starlings, flying in sync with each other.

  • Works With 3D Lights & Cameras - The birds are created with 3D layers, allowing them to work with light and camera layers. Adjust the lighting to match the light angle and color of your background footage. Cast realistic shadows from the birds to help sell the effect. Adjust the camera position and angle to match your background footage for realistic compositing.

  • Add Your Own Species - Create new birds or other flying creatures by swapping out the images. (You will need a profile image, a bottom-view image, and a wing image, all with transparent backgrounds.)

  • Demo Animations Included - A separate project file for the Flocks demo video is included! If you are creating an animation similar to any in the demo video, this project will save you time.

Tell your bird (or flock of birds) where to fly in three dimensions with as few as two Position keyframes, then composite the flock with your footage.

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