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Schools lets users create realistic schools of fish and underwater scenes in Adobe After Effects. Just drop in a fish image and it instantly converts to a school, with each fish swimming and oscillating in three dimensions. A total of 40 species of fish and marine mammals are included. Control where the fish school swims, and customize their swim behavior using convenient slider controls.

Copy and paste your fish schools into one of the seven pre-designed scenes, as seen in the demo video. Or, create your own rich, underwater scenes with the custom water effects and a 74-image library of coral, plants, and other ocean elements. With Schools, even After Effects novices can create high-quality 3D animations of life under the sea!

Create beautiful 3D animations of fish schools in After Effects!

Fish swimming in seaweed, made in After Effects Moray eels swimming, made in After Effects Schools of fish by shipwreck, made in After Effects


  • 40 Species - Includes a variety of saltwater and freshwater fish, a whale shark, moray eel, sea snake, dolphin, killer whale, humpback whale, and seal.
  • Use Your Own Image - Schools are created by dropping a fish image into a precomp.You're free to use your own image of a fish, sea monster, dinosaur, cartoon, or whatever you want - as long as it has a transparent background.
  • Pre-designed 3D Scenes - Seven beautiful, finished 3D scenes (as seen in the demo video). Just copy and paste a school into a scene.
  • Build Your Own Scenes - Create your own 3D scenes from the 74-image library containing coral, plants, rocks, hills, and other ocean elements.
  • Easy Customization - You have total control over the school’s appearance and their swim behavior using convenient slider controls. Imitate the tightly syncronized schooling of anchovies, or the loose, indepentent swimming of schooling predators. Customize the oscillation speed and intensity, and combine it with moments of gliding. Choose the degree of flexibility, so you can imating anything from a minnow to a sea snake.
  • Water Visibility Control - Fish and scene elements fade into their background the further they are from the camera layer, adding depth and realism.
  • 3D Caustics Projection - Project a custom caustics texture onto your entire scene to imitate the sunlight shining through the water surface.
  • Additional Custom Effects - Enhance your scenes with a variety of extra effects including warping and blurring, bubbles, floating 3D particles, sunrays, and swaying plants.
  • Works in 4K!
Fish School After Effects Tutorial

Learn How To Create a School of Fish!

This in-depth tutorial swims you through all the features of the template, and shows how to create your own fish school animations.

The Schools template is not a plugin. It's an After Effects project file, commonly known as a "template" because most of the work is already done and the user needs only to make their own customizations. This template is compatible with version CS5 as well as all later versions of After Effects. (See compatibility warning above for versions older than CC 2017).

The animations you create with this product are yours and can be used for commercial purposes, but the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited. See the Terms and Conditions for more details. All fish and ocean elements included in this template are taken from images released into the public domain, with no known copyright restrictions. Images were taken from,,, or Wikimedia Commons.

Positive and/or negative feedback is appreciated. Use the contact page to send me a message.