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Realistic 3D ocean made in After Effects with the "Ocean" template from Creation Effects
Lens flare for Ocean effect

For Adobe After Effects

Lens flare element

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Ocean - After Effects (Make Realistic 3D Bodies of Water)
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Anamorphic lens flare design element

What is it?

Ocean allows you to create custom, 3D bodies of water in Adobe After Effects. Choose from over 60 video water textures (or use your own), and convert them into oceans, lakes, ponds, rivers, and pools. Insert your titles, logo, or other 3D elements into your scene, and customize the water with convenient controls.

You can enhance your water scene with the included splashes, atmospheric haze, and reflection effects. Bring life to your scene by animating a simple camera movement. The flexibility of Ocean provides endless, beautiful looks for a variety of applications - for both realistic or surreal water.

Create realistic 3D bodies of water in After Effects!