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A "once upon a time" storybook sitting on a table, made in After Effects

For Adobe After Effects

Lens flare design for Custom 3D Books
Fairy tale lens flare

What is it?

The Custom 3D Book template allows you to create a beautiful and unique book animation in Adobe After Effects. It features a high-resolution 3D book which you can control and customize with your own content. To help you get started, there are three formats to choose from - A Fairy Tale Storybook, a Wedding Photo Album, and a Bible. Each version includes a different library of artwork and design elements to help you create unique and attractive page designs. And with multiple 3D scenes and camera movements to choose from, you can display your custom book in an environment appropriate for your story.


Realistic books are notoriously difficult to create in After Effects. With this effect, the shifting and bending of the paper is all pre-programmed and automatic when you turn a page, so you can focus on content - without worrying about the physics!

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Wedding Album


Or, bundle all three for $84

A fairy tale story book standing on a table, with a "Once Upon A Time" title. Customize in Adobe After Effects.

Share your story with a beautiful 3d book animation.

Old fashioned flourish design element

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