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Anamorphic lens flare made in After Effects

Terms & Conditions

"Digital Products" (collectively referred to as "products", "effects", or "project files" in these Terms and Conditions) refers to any Adobe After Effects template, any effects, video clips, or images that are part of an After Effects template, or any other digital file that is downloaded from or through this website, (collectively referred to as the "Site" or "Creation Effects" in these Terms and Conditions).

By purchasing and downloading digital products from Creation Effects, you confirm that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.


General Use of Digital Products

With purchase, effects can be used in commercial projects and can remain a permanent addition to your arsenal of tools, to be used again and again to enhance projects for yourself or for clients, without purchasing any extra license. However, there are restrictions in how the effects can be used in the marketing of your products or services. Effects may not be marketed as a main focal point of a service you offer, or used in any way that directly competes with Creation Effects. Some examples of prohibited use of the effects are:

  • Promoting or editing a Creation Effects template as part of your template-editing service.

  • Offering to give people's footage a VHS-look on a service marketplace like, using the "Creation VHS Effects" product. (This would also be a violation of fiverr's TOS.)

  • If you are a wedding video editor, you can not have a commercial on YouTube or a section on your website that says you'll create custom wedding album animations for couples (using the Wedding Album template from Creation Effects).

  • Marketing an individual custom effect which came from a Creation Effects product, such as offering to add glitch transition effects to people's footage, using the "Creation Glitch Effects" product.

In summary, effects cannot be resold or promoted as custom effects, and can only be used in marketing if they are part of larger product or service you offer, where the effect is not the main focal point of the product or service. If you have any questions about what constitutes acceptable or unacceptable uses of the effects, please contact Creation Effects.

Installation on Multiple Computers


With a single purchase, effects can be used on up to three computers if the computers all have the same primary user. For example, you can download a purchased effect to your work computer and your main home computer, and also make a copy for your personal laptop. No more than one user can use an effect with a single license. If multiple users wish to use a product, whether at work or at home, an additional license must be purchased for each individual user.


You, the customer, will own 100% of the rights of the exported video file that you create using the effects. You are free to post, share, broadcast, sell, or distribute your video however you choose. However, Creation Effects owns the rights to the effects and project files. The sharing, re-selling, distribution, publishing, or online posting of the After Effects project files sold through this site, whether unchanged from the time of purchase, or edited or modified from its original state, is prohibited. Project files may only be swapped and shared with clients, coworkers, or other parties under the circumstances that all involved parties are collaborating on the same single project. Illicit sharing of products on the Internet will be actively sought and if necessary, legal action will be taken.

Refund Policy

The products on this site are available for download and purchase AS IS, with any bugs or flaws, known or unknown. Please read through the "Need to Know" sections on each product's web page, as well as watch through the product's video tutorials so that you know what you are buying. If you believe that a product is not functioning as intended and a refund is deserved, you can contact Creation Effects using the Contact page, and your case will be considered. If you notice a bug in a project file, feel free to notify Creation Effects via the Contact page. Feedback is always appreciated.



Creation Effects offers no guarantee of individual technical support with the purchase of a digital product. The video tutorials go into detail about how to operate each feature of the products. If your issue isn't addressed by the video tutorials, you can send your question to Creation Effects using the contact form, and I will try to get back to you with an answer in a timely manner.


Creation Effects is not affiliated with Adobe in any way. The Creation Effects products are not endorsed, sponsored, or otherwise authorized by Adobe. If you would like to learn more about Adobe After Effects, please visit the After Effects web page.

Creation Effects reserves the right to change or modify any of these terms and conditions at any time.

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