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How To Earn Points


  • Sign up for free account  →  50 points

  • Make a purchase  →  1 point for every dollar spent

  • Rate/Review your products  →  20 points per review

See your points balance

in the My Rewards page.

Rewards Summary


  • 50 points:  5% discount

  • 100 points:  10% discount

  • 200 points:  20% discount

  • 300 points:  30% discount

Use the coupon codes in

My Rewards to get your discount.


To redeem your points for a discount, you must go to the My Rewards page in the Members Area, by clicking the member drop-down menu at the top of the page. Copy the coupon code, and enter it into the Promo Code box at checkout. Coupon codes only show up when the necessary points have been earned and are visible in your page. 



If John's first order is for $39, and he leaves a review for the product, then he can get 10% off his next purchase, and will still have 9 points in his account, because...

50 points (sign-up) + 20 points (review) + 39 points (purchase)  =  109 points

Or, you can store up points for a larger discount, which you can apply to any purchase, including bundles or the Complete Library. To rate and review the products you purchased and earn 10 points per review, click the "Read Reviews" link in the top right corner of any product page (under the price). 

Get Points for Old Purchases!

If you made purchases prior to the Rewards Program, I'd be happy to give you the points. Simply sign up as a member, then email me (Noel) your old purchase information using this contact form. To look up your purchase, I will need either the transaction ID, the email address you used, or your full name and the products purchased. Please allow a couple of days before the points show up in your rewards. 

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