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Close-up of plasma erupting from the sun's surface, a 3D effect made with After Effects
Lens flare design element

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Lens flare element

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Solaris - Make A Realistic Sun in After Effects
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Lens flare design element

What is it?

Solaris allows you to create sizzling 3D sun animations in Adobe After Effects. This template gives you the all the control of a custom animation, but with the realism of authentic footage. It's perfect for creating scientific animations for documentaries, as well as stunning cinematic shots for sci-fi projects.


Solaris uses NASA footage of solar flares, prominences, coronal mass ejections, and the sun's surface, to create a realistic sun that you can customize with easy controls. The sun is three-dimensional, allowing you to animate your camera and incorporate other 3D elements into your scene. Included are 12 finished sun animations ("presets") that are ready to render. Solaris also includes a variety of bonus effects such as lens flares, heat haze, sound effects, star backgrounds, and several heat-themed title effects. All of the effects are easy to customize, and the in-depth tutorial takes you through the steps to easily build a custom sun from scratch. No matter your experience level, Solaris will let your ideas shine!

A solar eclipse effect in space, made with Adobe After Effects

Create realistic, 3D sun animations in After Effects!

A sci-fi space scene with a purple sun in space, surrounded by plasma streams, made in Adobe After Effects


Lens flare design element
  • Presets  12 finished sun animations, as seen in the demo video above, including an eclipse, closeups of the sun's surface, and realistic suns modeled after actual sun footage. 

  • Real Footage – Choose from five 8K surface textures, and 25 solar elements, such as solar flares, prominences, and coronal mass ejections (CMEs). These elements are derived from NASA footage. Position them anywhere on the sun, in three dimensions.

  • Custom Elements  Combine the footage elements with optional surface textures, prominences and CMEs that are made in After Effects. These can be customized, allowing for more control over their movement and appearance.

  • Heat Haze – Intense heat distortion that you can customize with easy controls.