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Planet earth's horizon, seen from space, made in Adobe After Effects with Terra
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Terra - Make an Earth Animation in After Effects
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Lens flare design element

What is it?

Introducing Terra, the ultimate After Effects template for creating breathtaking animations of Earth in space! Designed with customization in mind, Terra is a huge time-saver for anyone needing high-quality, custom earth animations, whether they're novices or seasoned pros.


Included are the comps for all nine animations from the demo video above. Or, start fresh with the default settings, and use easy slider controls to customize the look of your earth. The flexible controls allow you to customize the elements separately – the land in daylight, land at night, water, clouds, lighting, and atmosphere. When you're happy with your world, simply animate your camera movement, and it's ready to render. The earth's lighting automatically updates as you change the 3D position of your sun, and the 360° star background gives you the freedom to create elaborate camera movements. Additionally, this template includes a custom, orbiting moon, and 15 custom lens flares to choose from for your sun. Terra has all the features and customization options needed to quickly bring you from concept to captivating earth animation, with minimal experience in After Effects needed!

Planet Earth, a 3D effect made with Terra, in Adobe After Effects

Create custom, 3D Earth animations in After Effects!

Closeup of Earth from space, with sunlight reflecting off the water, made in After Effects


Lens flare design element
  • Finished Animations  Terra features the comps for all nine earth animations, as seen in the demo video above, including the earth and moon's orbit around the sun, a 3D flyover of Earth's surface at night, and a sunrise over the horizon. 

  • Easy Customization  Customize your scene with easy controls on the Control Layer. All the elements of the earth can be customized separately with the controls, since the land at day, land at night, water, clouds, and atmosphere are separate layers. The video tutorial below, and written instructions found throughout the template, walk you through the layers and customization controls.

  • High-Res Maps – Included are two earth models to choose from, depending on the amount of detail needed. The 32MP earth uses 8,000x4,000 texture maps, and is sufficient for most animations. Or, for closeups of countries, use the 128MP earth, which uses 16,000x8,000 texture maps. 

  • 360° Star Background  Choose from 11 background images of stars, galaxies, and nebulae - or use your own image. The 360-degree stars allow you to view the earth from any angle, and animate orbital camera movements.

  • Moon – The optional, high-resolution moon has automatic or manual orbit and rotation, and can be customized with slider controls.

  • Night Lights – The optional, glowing city lights appear on the shaded side of the earth.

  • Lens Flares – Included are 15 custom lens flares to choose from, taken from the 100% free template, Creation Lens Flares. Simply copy and paste a lens flare layer, and it will automatically attach to your sun. Customize the lens flares with slider controls.

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