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Butterflies flying over tall grass and flowers, made in Adobe After Effects
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For Adobe After Effects

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Go to "Swarms" and create butterfly and insect animations in After Effects
This effect has been improved and upgraded in the "Swarms" template, which includes these butterflies and 11 other species of insects!
Butterfly Effect - After Effects
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What is it?

The Butterflies template for Adobe After Effects includes seven 3D butterflies. Each butterfly is pre-programmed to fly and behave like a real butterfly - all you need to do is tell it where to go or land!


This realistic, custom butterfly effect is perfect for enhancing your motion graphics and 3D scenes. By simply adding two position keyframes to your butterfly, it will randomly glide, twist, dip, climb, and flap its wings as it follows the 2D or 3D motion path. Customize the flight behavior using convenient slider controls. Then, when you're ready to land your butterfly, you can turn off the automatic wing flapping and give it slower, controlled wing flutters.

Add 3D butterflies to your video, and customize their flight!

Various butterfly species in flight, made with the "Butterflies" template for After Effects.