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An old VHS tape on a table, with analog TV static
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Damaged VHS Tape Effect in After Effects
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Lens flare design element

What is it?

Creation VHS Effects is a collection of authentic-looking effects for turning footage into a damaged VHS tape or analog TV signal in Adobe After Effects. Included are 11 retro VHS-look presets, ranging from subtle VHS looks to totally unwatchable garbage! Just drop in your footage and it's ready to export.


Or... build your own unique VHS look using over 100 customizable effects, comprised of analog video glitches, TV static, transition effects, sound effects, and audio filters. Adjust the intensity of the damage, and customize the effects with slider controls. Embrace the 80s/90s nostalgia trend, and start ruining your beautiful HD footage!

Close up of TV static and scan lines
VHS tape with empy label

Turn your footage into VHS garbage.

(You choose the amount of damage)


  • 11 VHS-Look Presets – These finished comps cover a variety of old TV and VHS looks, ranging from subtle to totally unwatchable. Just drop in your footage, and they're ready to export. Each preset uses multiple effects. Customize each effect individually, or adjust the strength of all the effects together with a single Intensity control to change the amount of damage.

  • 42 VHS Effects & TV Glitches – These effects are modeled after real VHS artifacts, with a focus on authenticity over style. Most effects can be added to your footage with a simple copy-and-paste. Customize the effects with easy-to-use slider controls.

  • 20 Stock Footage Clips Includes a variety of looping TV static and VCR tracking clips for compositing with your footage.

  • 24 Audio Effects Includes VHS hum, static, and signal interference, as well as audio filters for messing up the pitch and frequency of the audio in your footage.

  • 17 Transition Effects  Short glitches with audio, for using on the cuts in your video.

VHS lens flare design element
Retro 1980s leopard pattern in a glow triangle graphic


Main video tutorial for "Creation VHS Effects". Learn how to give footage a VHS look in After Effects.

Template overview and customization instructions.

Lens flare design element