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Flourish design with multiple vines, curly grasses and leaves, made with the "Growing Flourishes" template for After Effects.
Lens flare effect for Growing Flourishes

For Adobe After Effects

Lens flare element

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Growing Vines and Flourishes (After Effects)
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Lens flare design element

What is it?

Flourishes are decorative plant elements, which have been used in typography and design for centuries. The Growing Flourishes template for Adobe After Effects brings these classic designs into the 21st century with a library of custom, "growing" flourish elements. These elements thicken and bend as they grow, and can be combined to create beautiful and intricate animations.

Also included are five finished title animations - simply plug in your text and they're ready to export. Or, build your own designs with the included vines, grasses, leaves, branches, and other elements featuring smooth, natural-looking growth. Best of all, they're completely customizable!

White flourish and vine shapes on a green grunge background


  • 130 growing flourish elements - Vines, grasses, branches, leaves, flowers, & more.

  • 5 finished, custom title animations - Just edit the text and render.

  • Customizable - Easily customize duration, shape, thickness, and color of flourishes.

  • Drawable - Create new growing flourishes by drawing paths with the Pen tool.

  • Scalable - Path-based flourishes allow for lossless scaling for 4K animations.

  • Copy-and-paste effects - Options for changing the look or behavior of growing elements.

Lens flare effects and growing vines effect