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Free Stuff (More On The Way!)

Help yourself to these free resources for After Effects users, editors, motion designers, and creatives of all kinds. You'll find some free effects, stock footage clips, AE presets, and various design elements. You're welcome to use them in both commercial or non-commerical projects. All downloads come as ZIP files, and will need to be unzipped to access the file. 

Creation Lens Flares - Make custom lens flare effects in Adobe After Effects, no plugins

"Creation Lens Flares" is a popular free template featuring 50 unique lens flares for Adobe After Effects. You can animate and customize the lens flares (or build your own), and composite them with your footage or motion designs.

Free video digital glitch clip

A free, loopable 12-second stock footage clip of a digital glitch texture. For many more glitchy textures and custom glitch effects, check out the Creation Glitch Effects template.

Free video clip of lens flare animations on a black background

This free, two-minute clip features dozens of short lens flare animations, made with the Creation Lens Flares template (also free). Great for making transition effects, or use them in your motion designs. 


This free AE preset will let you add atmospheric haze or fog to your 3D scenes in After Effects. Use it in landscapes, or any scene with many 3D layers, and it will add a sense of realism and depth. Or, use it in underwater scenes to imitate low water visibility. Customize the haze with easy controls. 

Free video clip of old-film dust and hairs

A free, loopable film dust texture that you can composite over your footage to imitate an old film look. For dozens more film textures and custom old-film looks for your footage, check out the Creation Film Effects template.

Free Animation Preset - 3D extrusion for text

This free After Effects preset adds a 3D extrusion to any 3D layer. Add the preset to your text to make it look 3D as you move your camera around, and customize the extrusion with easy controls. Install the preset, and access it any time in your Effects & Presets panel. For a huge variety of text styles and FX, check out the Creation Title Effects template.

Free video clip of light leaks overlays

10 seconds of free, flickering light leaks, generated in After Effects with the Light Leaks template. Composite them on your footage with a Screen blending mode to add style and energy to your video.

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