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Halftone dots printed on paper and fading out with smaller and smaller dots
Lens flare for Halftone Effects

For Adobe After Effects

Lens flare element

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Halftone Effects - After Effects (Newspaper/Comic Book Looks for Footage)
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Lens flare design element

What is it?

The Halftone Effects template gives your footage or photos the look of an animated halftone print in Adobe After Effects. In the early days of printing, the "halftone" printing process produced images composed of large dots and patterns. With this effect, you can imitate that look for your video simply by dropping in your footage. If needed, you can customize the look with easy controls.

With three custom halftone styles to choose from, this effect is perfect for newspaper and comic book animations, or any video needing some stylized or retro flare!

Turn your video footage into a halftone print animation!

Brown newsprint paper background


  • Multiple Styles - Choose from three unique halftone looks: Dots, CMYK (grid of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, & Black dots), or Patterns (combination of black fill, white fill, dots, and stripes).

  • 29 animated paper textures to choose from

  • Custom Outline Effect - Automatically add dark lines along the contours in your footage.

  • Supports transparent backgrounds

  • Animated Borders - Frame your animation like a comic book.

  • Customization - Edit the size, shape, and spacing of dots. Adjust detail level, color, and more using convenient controls.