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Endless Fractal Effect

Endless Fractal Effect

The Endless Fractal Effect allows users to create complex, mesmerizing fractal animations that seem to zoom in forever in Adobe After Effects!


Endless Fractals is also available as part of the Creation Trippy Effects package, which includes a variety of custom trippy animations and trippy effects for your footage. Learn more on the Creation Trippy Effects webpage

    • This template is compatible with Adobe After Effects, v.17 (2020) and all later versions. Works on both PCs and Macs. No plugins required.
    • This effect uses the Fractal effect that's built into After Effects, but it expands its capabilities to allow for long zoom-ins. 
    • The project file includes both HD and 4K versions of the effect. The effect will work in any resolution if you change the comp dimensions and Solid layer dimensions. 
    • This template has been "universalized", so it will work in After Effects running in any language.

    The Endless Fractals template is not a plugin, so there is nothing to install. Rather, it's an Adobe After Effects project file, commonly known as a "template" because most of the work is already done and the user needs only to make their own customizations. This template is compatible with version 2020 (17.0) as well as all later versions of After Effects.

    Endless Fractals contains copyrighted intellectual property. The animations you create with this product are yours and can be used for commercial purposes, but the sharing or online posting of project files with or for anyone other than a client is prohibited. See the Terms and Conditions for more details.

    Positive and/or negative feedback is appreciated. Use the contact page to send me a message.

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