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Free Template - 3D Shapes

Free Template - 3D Shapes

This free After Effects template includes eleven custom 3D shapes for using in your motion designs. The shapes are compatible with the Classic 3D Renderer in After Effects, so they will work in all of your projects. Since they are built with Shape layers, you can scale them as much as you need without losing resolution, you can give them a custom stroke, and you can do creative things with their paths using After Effects's Shape effects.
Included are a cylinder, sphere, dodecahedron, polygonal prism, cuboid, parallelepiped, cube, stretchable pyramid, a 4-sided pyramid, tetrahedron, and cone. Each shape has easy-to-use controls for customizing their look, and all shapes can be maneuvered using their 3D Transform Gizmo. 
Other useful features include the ability to snap the shape's anchor point to the center, bottom, edge, or corner. With the pyramids and polygonal prism, you can easily choose any number of sides for the shape. For example, a 3-sided pyramid can become like a cone, with 30 sides. Or an octogonal prism can become a triangular prism. 
The Cylinder and Sphere shapes are made with the CC Cylinder and CC Sphere effects that are built into After Effects. These are 2D effects, but the shapes have been modified with expressions to make them work like true 3D objects. So you can manipulate them with the 3D Gizmo, they'll cast a realistic shadow, and they'll react to your 3D camera and light layers.

These geometric shapes are easy to use, and will be a great addition to your arsenal of motion graphics tools!

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