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Lens flare design element

Give your footage the look of being drunk, high, or dizzy in After Effects.

Drunk Effect

Lens flare element

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Lens flare design element

What is it?

Imitate the look of being drunk, high, or dizzy in Adobe After Effects with these custom effects for your HD or 4K footage. Include are three unique presets. Just drop in your footage, and the presets are ready to render. Or, you can customize the presets with easy controls to get the right level of intoxication, and the right look for your footage. 

To imitate the look of being drunk or intoxicated, several effects are applied, including a spinning room effect, shaky double vision, random warping, rotation, and blurring. You can use any combination of these to create your drunk look, and customize their intensity, timing, randomness, etc. Also included are some bonus trippy effects. The "Disorienter" preset breaks up your footage into fragments that independently move and spin, creating a stylized dizzy look. The psychedelic preset "The Trees Are Talking" imitates the look of being high with a stylized warping effect. 


Want a better deal? These effects are taken from the Creation Trippy Effects template, which is a huge collection of custom trippy animations and psychedelic looks for footage, for Adobe After Effects.

  • "Drunk Effect" is compatible with Adobe After Effects, v.17 (2020) and all later versions. Works on both Mac and PC. No plugins required.

  • This template has been "universalized", meaning it will work in After Effects running in other languages.

  • Included are two versions of the effects, for HD and 4K footage. For other resolutions, you can change the resolution of the comps, precomps and Solid layers.

  • Footage and music in demo video not included. 

Easily give footage the look of being drunk/intoxicated in After Effects. Choose from multiple looks, and customize with the easy controls.

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